How is the ROADLOK different than a disc lock?

The ROADLOK is installed on the front brake of your motorcycle. Once installed, the bike is secured with a removable pin. The pin is what goes through a rotor hole to prevent the bike from being rolled. Since our system is installed directly on the motorcycle there is no movement, so no damage can occur. Imagine trying to take off with your front brake lever pulled - your motorcycle will eventually stall out.

A disc lock is not permanently installed on your motorcycle. A disc lock is placed on the brake rotor to prevent the bike from being rolled by using the brake caliper, fork or mud guard to stop the rotation of the wheel when the lock strikes it. Disc locks can be forgotten and this is where damage or injury is possible.

My pin is not coming out with the key turned fully clockwise - is it stuck?

Because of the unique design of the ROADLOK system, if there is pressure on the BrakeBolt pin it will not pop right out with the key turned fully. To remove the pin, keep the key turned fully clockwise and take pressure off the pin by either pushing or pulling lightly on the fork leg - the pin will pop right out. Note: Regardless of the amount of pressure being put on the pin by the motorcycle, the main body of the pin will pop out of the hole approximately 1/4", which means that it is unlocked from the primary position.

Can't the bolts just be removed when the ROADLOK is engaged, rendering the bike able to be rolled?

If the bolts are removed and the ROADLOK is detached from the bike while the pin is inserted, the system remains attached to the rotor, thereby preventing rotation. The motorcycle still remains unmovable after the system strikes the brake, caliper or mud guard. It will essentially act like a typical disc lock at this point.

Is the ROADLOK compatible with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)?

Yes it is compatible. The ROADLOK does not interfere with a factory-installed ABS. As we test fitment of our system on each bike, if we find interference, the motorcycle will not be listed on the product page.

Will the ROADLOK affect the performance of my motorcycle or brakes?

No. The RoadLoK system has been tested for both braking system impact and theft-prevention capability by IMR Test Labs and Thatcham UK. The weight of the entire system is under 300 grams and will have no impact on handling, cornering or braking. As for security, the system can withstand the required amount of attack time to be certified for Thatcham approval in the United Kingdom. Each system type has been tested by IMR Test Labs on interference with factory braking systems and has been found to have no negative impact.

I lost my pin. How do I get a new one?

The locking pin, called the BrakeBolt, is universal throughout each lock system. One BrakeBolt fits every immobiliser - buy it here.

Will the ROADLOK work on motorcycles with aftermarket rotors?

We design each system based on the Original Equipment (OEM) braking systems of each motorcycle. If you have installed aftermarket braking components, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

How do I clean the key cylinder?

The keys and key cylinder are made of high-quality metals designed to withstand the typical environmental conditions a motorcyclist should encounter under normal riding conditions. The recommended way to maintain smooth operation is to rinse the cylinder out with water and dry with a quick blast of air every 2-3 months. Do not use spray lubricants such as WD-40 or white lithium grease, as these will attract and hold dirt and debris in the cylinder creating friction and increased wear.

Is there a warranty on the ROADLOK?

Yes! We have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every kit we sell. We are so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our immobilisers, that we will repair or replace any component for the life of the lock (Please Note: Some additional charges may be incurred after 12 months of the original purchase date). We have over-engineered our locks for a reason - more value and less hassle for our riders.

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