Spotlight: ROADLOK Motorcycle Immobilizer Began on a Napkin

Motorcycles are not like cars. When you park a car, it usually stays put. But for motorcycles, there is no standard way to prevent them from rolling. There have been some products over the years that have worked to solve this problem.

But safety has been a concern with many of those products as well. That was before ROADLOK came along, of course. The company produces a motorcycle immobilizer it says is safe and can prevent damage and theft. Read more about the business and how it got started in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Designs and sells a motorcycle immobilizer.

The product is patented and the first of its kind. Adam Xavier, CEO and co-founder of ROADLOK says: “Before we brought the ROADLOK to market, the only option a rider had was to use a dangerous disc lock to prevent a roll away theft. We positioned our brand, ROADLOK, as the only true motorcycle immobilizer that eliminates any chance for injury or damage to a motorcycle.”

How the Business Got Started

On a bar napkin.

Xavier explains: “While sitting in a bar with my twin brother and a riding friend, we began discussing motorcycles and riding, as we often did in the summer. Eventually the subject of theft came up, and we started talking about the lack of practical theft prevention options in the market. Some of these solutions were okay, but not amazing or necessarily safe. So over the course of the next few hours my brother and I sketched out a prototype on a napkin. This design eventually became the basis of the system we use today.”

Biggest Win

Receiving patent protection.

Xavier says that it is difficult to get patent protection for this type of product. So receiving it really told them that the idea was legitimate.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring more phone sales reps.

Xavier says that this move would help them increase sales and thus grow the business.

Business Tradition

Weekly “Power Hours.”

Each Tuesday, the team gets together to discuss various aspects of the business. Regardless of travel or other plans, they make sure to discuss plans and strategies at least once a week. And even though they call it “power hour,” Xavier says they usually extend to two or three-hour-long sessions.

Xavier explains: “We use the time to synchronize our schedules and get on the same page. After the formalities we discuss the product and how we can better get out in front of our customers around the world. The Power Hour time trumps all schedules and still holds regardless of time zone and geographical location of myself and the team.”

Favorite Quote

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

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RoadLoK and MotoLease Partner to Bring Innovative Motorcycle Locking Systems to Dealers across the US

RoadLoK Security, a California-based designer and manufacturer of patented motorcycle locking systems has partnered with MotoLease, a powersports financing and extended service contract provider, to bring the innovative RoadLoK system to dealerships across the United States. Exclusive financing plans will be offered on the locking system within the MotoLease dealer network.


RoadLoK Security, a California-based designer and manufacturer of patented motorcycle locking systems has partnered with MotoLease, a motorcycle financing and extended service contract provider, to bring the innovative RoadLoK system to powersports dealerships across the United States. 

The dealer program offers special financing of the locking system during the purchase of a new or used motorcycle. “By offering the RoadLoK system to customers at the time of vehicle purchase, we are able to help the rider safely protect their new investment and give them a competitive financing plan that can be combined with the new vehicle payment plan,” explained Adam Xavier, CEO of RoadLoK Security. 

MotoLease will be distributing the locking systems to dealerships within the MotoLease network under the brand name NextProtection. The locking systems will be available to customers financing motorcycles with payment options not offered through any other distributor or retailer.

“Customers will be able to finance the cost of the RoadLoK at the time of vehicle purchase, which will be a great value-add for both the customer and the dealer," commented Emre Ucer, President of MotoLease, LLC. “Dealers in our network will offer both our competitive financing and warranty packages along with advanced security solutions for their customers, giving them unmatched value as Authorized MotoLease Dealers.” 

The program will be available through the MotoLease dealer network beginning on July 1st, with plans to offer similar financing options on the locking systems through the NextProtection Online Store in the early fall.

About RoadLoK Security

RoadLoK Security was founded in 2005 to design and manufacture patented locking systems for motorcycles, scooters and off-road powersports vehicles. The company distributes products worldwide under the brand name RoadLoK. The company holds multiple United States Patents and Trademarks for their line of locking systems.

RoadLoK Security is a California-based company with distribution centers located in Southern California, Maryland and Australia with plans for distribution throughout Asia in 2014.

RoadLoK and KTM Develop Locking System for New Motorcycle Platform

RoadLoK Security has developed a locking system for the new KTM Duke 390 - a motorcycle designed for emerging markets available late fall 2013.


In collaboration with KTM Sportmotorcycle, AG, RoadLoK Security has developed a custom locking system for the new KTM Duke 390 motorcycle. The KTM Duke 390, a new entry in the small-displacement platform segment, is scheduled to be commercially available later this fall within all of KTM’s 76 markets including India – the country of manufacture.

"The KTM Duke 390 is an exciting motorcycle that will be KTM’s launch within the emerging market, designed to gain a new rider base of loyal brand followers. The RoadLoK fits perfectly in our product range and shows that PowerParts is focused on high quality products from suppliers with a good reputation," stated Matthias Kumph, Head of PowerParts at KTM.

The RoadLoK System is a permanently installed locking system that allows the rider to lock and secure their motorcycle without any potential for damage caused by forgetting to remove a lock before riding. The new KTM RoadLoK XRA-080 will offer the same high-level of security as the current KTM RoadLoK systems, but be specifically designed for the new Duke 390. 

"We are honored to be asked by our partner KTM to produce this new locking system for their new platform," added Adam Xavier, CEO of RoadLoK Security. "KTM continually raises the bar on quality and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality locks to their riders." 

About RoadLoK Security

RoadLoK Security is a California based licensing and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and production of model-specific motorcycle locking systems. The RoadLoK system is protected by two US Patents for the functionality. The RoadLok is the only locking system that safely and effectively prevents roll away theft. The system is designed to be permanently mounted on a motorcycle, eliminating the need for storing the lock while riding. Additionally, the system’s permanently mounted design prevents any movement, making it virtually impossible to damage calipers and fenders or injure the rider.

All RoadLoK Systems are manufactured and assembled in the United States. RoadLoK Security is a proud supporter of military and civil service personnel and offers discounts on every locking system to those who serve. The company strives to bring the highest quality locking solutions to riders while maintaining a core focus on customer service and product support.

ROADLOK Systems Now Available in Australia

ROADLOK SECURITY announces its newest partnership with Kenma Australia Pty Ltd to distribute motorcycle locks in Australia.


RoadLoK Security announces its newest distribution partner, Kenma Australia Pty Ltd, bringing the award-winning motorcycle locking systems, the RoadLoK, to the Australian market. The entire line of RoadLoK systems will be available through Kenma Australia’s vast dealer network beginning mid March 2012.

“Kenma Australia in conjunction with ROADLOK Security USA are pleased to announce that RoadLok motorcycle lock systems are now available in Australia.”, states Peter Lucas, General Manager of Kenma Australia. “Finally Australian riders will be able to safely and securely immobilise motorcycles without risk of damage or the need to carry bulky chains and locks around. This innovative new security product is competitively priced and a most welcome addition to Kenma Australia's motorcycle security range.” Adam Xavier, CEO of RoadLoK Security explains, “We have been working to bring our locking systems to the Australian market and our new partnership with such a strong distributor like Kenma Australia will allow riders throughout the country to access our line of safer motorcycle locks.”

The RoadLoK system has received numerous awards worldwide for design and ingenuity. The concept behind the motorcycle lock is to correct the problems faced with using traditional disc locks and cables. “We have all been guilty of a disc lock ‘incident’ at one time or another but with the RoadLok system those days are over. All in all a fantastic security system that we are pumped to be able to introduce to Aussie riders. RoadLok will save bikes from damage and riders from embarrassment, definitely the thinking riders motorcycle lock.”, explained Rick Frankford, Area Manager for Kenma Australia. RoadLoK systems are designed for the motorcycles they protect while maintaining ease of use and safety for the rider.

Kenma Australia has been serving the motorcycle community throughout Australia for over 20 years focusing on a commitment to customer service and providing premium parts. Kenma supplies motorcycle parts to markets in South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and the northern Territory.

RoadLoK Security, LLC is a New York based licensing and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and production of model-specific vehicle locking systems. The RoadLoK system is patented both domestically and internationally. The RoadLok is the only locking system that safely and effectively prevents roll away theft. The System is designed to be permanently mounted on a motorcycle, thereby eliminating the need for storing the lock while riding. The system’s permanent mounting eliminates all momentum, making it virtually impossible to damage calipers and fenders; this is accomplished while also protecting the rider, should the rider forget to unlock the System before riding off.
Now in its 6th year of operations, RoadLoK Security continues to design and engineer systems for new motorcycle models with plans to expand into other powersport markets.